Outlaws of the old west


  Robert Leroy Parker, also known as "Butch Cassidy," partnered with the Sundance Kid to rob banks and trains in the early 1900s. He was born on April 13, 1866, in Beaver Utah. 

  His partner was Harry Longabaugh, nicknamed "The Sundance Kid," Joined him to start up the Wild Bunch. They robbed banks and trains for many years and were known for having the longest known stretch of successful bank and train robberies in American history. 


                                                                                Billy The Kid

 William Henry McCarty Jr. was born on November 23, 1859, in New York City. Not much was known about his early life except he was orphaned at an early age. It is believed that his father left and his mother died soon after from tuberculosis.

 He soon headed west to Arizona for a spell. Then he moved to New Mexico and went on to fight in the famed "Lincoln County war" as one of the regulators.

​Hunting Billy
                                                                                  Doc Holliday 

Born: August 14, 1851, Griffin, GA. John Henry Holliday was a dentist, he attended the University of Pennsylvania Dental School, where he graduated in 1872.

He was a famous gunfighter and gambler well known for his friendship with Wyatt Earp.The Earps and Doc were involved in the shootout at the ok Corral. He was married to Dig Nose Kate From 1877-1882
                                                                                  Tom Horn

 Thomas Horn, Jr. was born November 21, 1860, in Missouri. He was a scout, cowboy, soldier, range detective, and a Pinkerton detective in the 19th-century he was accused of killing 17 people.
Tom Horn
American Cowboy
Wyoming history
                                                                                    Sam Bass

  Born July 1851 in Mitchell Indiana. He was known as an old west train robber and an outlaw. He died from wounds received in a gunfight with the Texas Rangers on his birthday in 1878.
Frontier times
The Wild West
                                                                             Dave Rudabaugh

Born July 14, 1854 – February 18, 1886, He was a cowboy, outlaw and a gunfighter in the old west. He had nicknames like "Dirty Dave" and "Arkansas Dave" and legends say that he taught Doc Holliday how to shoot!