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This is the inscription first engraving hieroglyphics found so far in the Arabian Peninsula Rock steady and signed mine - cartridges - one of the kings of the pharaohs of Egypt
And he ramesses iii who ruled Egypt between the years 1192-1160 BC.
The Inscription was discovered near tymạ’.
Tymạ’ in the second millennium bc one important cities in the kingdom of the debtor, the head of his precious commodities including trafficking Nile Valley De Mesopotamia, and sham is today one of the greatest archaeological sites in Saudi Arabia and peninsula, where the lengths! What's left of archaeological walls surrounded by currently 13 km.
Confirms this inscription there direct commercial exchanges between Egypt and the Arab island in the twelfth century bc and Egyptian Convoys to tymạ’ was 3200 years ago for precious goods such as gold, Silver, copper and incense.

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Treasure of Nimrud
Treasure of Tut's tomb
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Treasures of ancient Rome

The founding of Rome goes back to the early days of civilization. The Romans believed that their city was founded in 753 BC. Modern historians believe it was the year 625 BC.

Early Rome was governed by kings, but after seven of them had ruled the Romans took back their power of rule.

They then instead had a group known as the "senate" which ruled over them. From this point on it was known as the "Roman Republic".

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