Metal detecting 
Treasure hunting

City parks

Things commonly found in city parks

1. Coins, this is a great place to hone your skills

2. Jewelry, practice listening to the different tones and learn to discriminate properly.

3 Junk! Lot's of pull tabs and bottle tops.. don't put them back, throw them away, please.


Things commonly found on beaches

1. Coins, old and new. You have a better chance of finding treasure here.

2. Jewelry, gold, and silver! It's not a pirates booty, but still cool.

3. Relics and bottles. Be careful not to get cut!

4. Junk! Make sure you throw it out!

Ghost towns

You have the ability to find rare items here.

1. Old coins, most of the time you will find pre-1964 ( silver era ) coins.

2. Old jewelry, gold and silver items.

3. Relics, buttons and bullets and bottles.

4. Can chunks and iron objects... Please throw these away or recycle them.


Old homes are excellent for the beginner to expert. Please ask permission first!

You have the ability to find all kind of things here.

1. coins and tokens! Old and new.

2. Jewelry, gold, and silver! You might even find an occasional piece costume jewelry that makes you think you struck it rich. lol

3. Relics, old items from toys to tags.. could be of value or not...

4. Junk... Pull tabs, bottle tops, nails, foil, can chunks. Use the garbage can for these or take them with you.

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One of the best resources you can find when researching a new town is the local historical society. Most will know where every building in that town has ever stood. Some by stories and some by records.
I live in Oklahoma. Tulsa Historical Society
2445 South Peoria

Have you ever passed an old house or barn that looks abandoned and thought to yourself, man I would love to detect this? Even if you're not from the area there is a way to find the owner. You can ask anyone from town or even ask the local police. 

I have also used old maps, some maps dating back to the mid-1800's. I have found old forts with them and homesteads long forgotten. Everybody is so dependant on the web, but a good old-fashioned book or piece of paper can be worth there weight in gold.

Oklahoma come see for yourself!
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About Me
I have 24 years experience in all things treasure. My favorite type of metal detecting is "Ghost towning", but I enjoy all other types of treasure hunting as well.  Over the past 24 years, I have at least a decade of field experience and years of research to my credit. I have found gold and silver in the form of coins and jewelry, and have found countless relics, civil war era buttons, bullets, and more. Research is key! Here at, I will put all of my experience to work for you! Happy Hunting fellow diggers.

                                                            Bill Hester